#RadicalChildcare is an initiative to inspire, imagine, explore and invest into the future for children and families in Birmingham.

Back in April 2015, Amy Martin of F A M A L A M shared her vision for a childcare utopia founded on interrogating and subverting existing models of childcare to fit her needs as a nomadic worker and mum in the 21st Century. At the same time here at Impact Hub Birmingham we were thinking about why we were disillusioned with the fast venture business approach to solving complex problems, and these narratives collided to plant the seeds of a now growing #RadicalChildcare movement.

Early in 2016, we developed a proposal for this two-year place-based system change initiative which explains our new methodology, bringing together 10 years of practical experience in movement building around purpose-driven entrepreneurship, developing accelerator and social investment programmes, and systems thinking about city-regions. Through 6-9 months of development work, we will be refining our methodology through a number of activities, with a view to launch the initiative at full scale in 2018. We believe that by unlocking the power of all of us, we can generate deep impact and we are open to everyone to join us on this journey.

Children & Families

We believe that children and families should be at the forefront of the #RadicalChildcare movement. We have launched our Mission Birmingham – Parent Membership to create a space where children and families from various parts of the city are positioned to inspire, influence, and shape the conversations, interventions, events and initiatives that will drive #RadicalChildcare forward. We are already seeing huge benefits in designing an intergenerational learning community, a place where families can co-construct safer, healthier, more resilient communities together and continue to welcome children and families to join the community whether as part of Parent Membership other programmes and events. Find out more about these initiatives below.
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Our Parent Membership was launched in January 2017 and offers 2 days access to Impact Hub BIrmingham a month, with an additional 12 hours of Co-Creche a month. Find out more about how you can get involved.
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Our pop-up crèche facility offers a high quality, safe, all-encompassing provision to babies (4 months and up), toddlers and pre-schoolers, all led by experienced artists and early years practitioners.

Extending the Family

A number of activities and initiatives will be launched throughout the development phase with a view to building a broad, diverse and vibrant movement, engaging a wide range of collaborators. This will be a range of facilitated workshops using our open inquiry methodology to actively listen and test our assumptions. It will supported by a variety of pilot projects, events and programmes around parent-led childcare innovation.

This page will be updated with further info about collaborators, partners and initiatives who we will be working with over the coming weeks, however, if you are particularly interested in working with us or would like to have a conversation, enter your details into the form and we'll get back to you.

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