#RadicalChildcare is an initiative to explore, imagine and invest in bold new possibilities for the future of childcare.

Based in Birmingham, we want to work with parents, grandparents, professionals in the sector; commissioners, policy makers, educationalists, serial entrepreneurs and many others to develop and test radical solutions to enable children and families to thrive.

Why childcare matters

Childcare has become unaffordable, inflexible and simply not good enough for too many people. Like housing, it's one of the issues in modern life that makes families feel trapped, dictating the limits of their working practice and personal relationships. Together we can do better, by exploring new approaches built on trust, flexibility and shared resources. Together we can find out, if it takes a village to raise a child, what this modern village could look like.

Despite pockets of great practice, childcare choices seem dominated by cost and time constraints. We want to look at childcare that can unleash and uplift both children and parents to flourish in a time of rapid change. By adapting childcare to how we live, learn and work we can bring out the best in the city for generations to come.

A radical approach

There will never be a single silver bullet to address a systemic challenge like childcare. We aim to host a more optimistic conversation to re-imagine the future of childcare, bringing together lots of people and ideas across public, private and civic life. We hope to deploy financial, social and human capital to help develop imaginative models for future practice. We feel re - designing the childcare system is an idea whose time has come, recent work shows an increase in focus and energy by citizen. Check out Sophia Parker and NEF's recent paper on co - produced childcare here. What if, through re-thinking childcare, Birmingham became the best place to raise children, together?

Opening the conversation

We are looking to surface, explore, provoke and share ideas in a space of possibility, curiosity, optimism, and generosity. We’re interested in a wide range of radical solutions to make childcare more accessible, collaborative, creative and flexible, affordable and intergenerational. Whatever your perspective, we’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation on twitter using #RadicalChildcare


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Project Timeline

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Open Enquiry

November 2015 – February 2016

In this period we aim to connect with lots of the doers and thinkers in childcare – from parents to child care professionals, from kids to grandparents, from employers to regulators.

We aim to find out what works, what is broken, where & how amazing innovation is already happening, and what are the ingredients of a radically better future childcare.

We will host a series of events and conversations, debates and blogs, and test some prototypes like Famalam’s coworking crèche; and we will look at the bigger systems surrounding childcare – to understand what change depends on and what bigger outcomes it could enable.

We will also connect with people who have disruptive yet practical ideas or new start-ups in childcare that could solve current problems on seize on bod new opportunities – from better tech solutions to parent-led coops and from intergenerational approaches to informal peer networks

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Ideation & Selection

In this period we will keep working with people with ideas for new ventures that could benefit from our accelerator programme. We will do an open call for ideas and select a cohort of collaborative ventures that will join the childcare accelerator programme to take those ideas forward.

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Childcare System Accelerator Programme

We will work with around 10 teams over 4 months to support them as they develop & test their ideas in the real world, supported by a range of experts and importantly by their peers on the cohort. More information on the details of the programme to follow.

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Investment Phase

We will be investing in the ideas, ideas, projects and ventures of the cohort.

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