The #RadicalChildcare Learning Community is a 21st Century multimedia book club.

It's a place where we can digest and interrogate current thinking, academic research, TED talks and podcasts in a supportive informal community of learners, experts and the curious. Join the #RadicalChildcare Facebook group and look out for learning community meetups.

Why a Learning Community?

The Learning Community will open up themes of the #RadicalChildcare project for discussion, hosting conversations around the research and ideas behind the project as it grows. By providing a platform to learn together we invite diverse perspectives to feed into the dialogue of how we might re-imagine childcare in Birmingham. We know it will take many hands and minds to find #RadicalChildcare solutions to meet the needs of the community and tackle the scale of the challenge, so we need you to grow, learn, critique, dream and do. The Learning Community is the start of that process, and is open to anyone.

A Shared Ethos

The ethos of the #RadicalChildcare Learning Community is to kick-start peer-to-peer problem solving in an environment where everyone can be considered an expert. We want to promote an open-minded, ambitious and reflective discourse based on constructive criticism and celebrating great practice.



Learning Community #3 with Byng:
Childcare & The Creative Industries