Using the power of data to make finding land easy, quick and transparent. DemoDev places citizens at the heart of a strategy to tackle the UK housing crisis through building homes enabled by new local, digital supply chains and convening a nationwide open impact movement.

To date DemoDev been running in collaboration with Ordnance Survey, Land Registry, Birmingham City Council and West Midlands Combined Authority.

DemoDev will link the built environment directly to neighbourhood outcomes and giving people the opportunity to build their own homes, whilst hosting a strong voice on the need for inclusive, democratic and citizen-centred development at scale across the city.


Democratising Development

DemoDev started out three years ago as an idea to use data to help more people build their own homes, to activate underused plots of land in our city and provide well designed, high performance, truly affordable homes for citizens.… More

Design guide for our city

Birmingham City Council are currently consulting on a new Design Guide for the city. It aims to create a new supplementary planning document to advise on development across the city. To cover everything from the height of tall buildings in… More

Community Response to Birmingham’s Housing Crisis

The idea of Community Led Housing is starting to gain more and more momentum at the moment with national coverage of CLTs in the Big Issue and Channel 4’s look at the housing crisis. On the 2nd of August we… More

More Car Parks Than Venice

Birmingham City Council have now submitted their first planning application under number, 2016/06762/PA, in respect of the demolition of the markets. It’s a very basic application which talks about the buildings to be demolished and a few surveys to make… More



WikiHouse is an open source building system. Many designers, collaborating to make it simple for everyone to design, print an…

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Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey is Britain's mapping agency and partner of the DemoDev project.

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Geovation UK is a partner of the Demo Dev Project

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Andy Reeve

Andy has followed a diverse career path so far, built upon a strong operational and financial management background. After st…

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Joyjit Sarkar

Joy is an Engineer and clinical practitioner. He has a background of working within the UK’s National Health Service within…

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