Fight Evil With Poetry

"Fight Evil With Poetry was about creatives; anyone who see things a certain way, who could say something like this and actually believe it. For us poetry is a placeholder for that love that's stronger than hate. I believe art to be the primary form of resistance."

- Micah Bournes
"Illustrators and graphic designers have powerful visual communication skills and are uniquely placed to challenge the messages of artwashing. Real socially engaged practice can mean using creativity to fight against processes that hurt communities, and supporting community activists to use their own art to defend their right to exist in cities. This may be by contributing to direct action, as in the case of Propagate Collective who subvert well-known logos and brands to make public interventions and run workshops for communities to create their own materials for protest. It can also mean creating provocative fictions, such as Cat Sims’ comic Black Matter (2017), set in a near future when gated luxury flats have left behind a decaying and broken dystopia for everyone else."

- Emily Jost, VAROOM


Twenty volume folios will never make a revolution. It is the little pocket pamphlets that are to be feared.

- Dog Section Press