The founding community of Impact Hub Birmingham has always been deeply committed to discovering and building new and innovative solutions to some of our most challenging issues. We want to make the community as diverse as possible in all respects in order to access the knowledge, skills and passions needed to create solutions to these problems. This is at the root of our mission, which you can find out more about here.

Over the last three years we have evolved our membership structure and now offer three distinct streams; membership for individuals, memberships for children and membership for teams. Every membership is an investment in our mission and helps to support the work we do, whether that is active research into #RadicalChildcare, pushing for greater citizen involvement in our city’s development through DemoDev or exploring the way in which artists and creatives can challenge us to shape the city in more inclusive ways. So bring your ideas, values, skills; your own mission, and let's build a better Birmingham, together.

Explore Our Memberships

Individual Memberships

Working independently and need a space to bring your ideas? We have so much more than a desk waiting for you - join the community to connect, catalyse and challenge your work in a supportive, welcoming environment.


We have a variety of team membership options for organisations wishing join Impact Hub Birmingham, from monthly day pass allocations to fixed desks available for a full-time base within our thriving community.


Children's Memberships

Your child is also welcome to join you as an Impact Hub Birmingham member at our pop-up creche every Thursday as part of our #RadicalChildcare initiative. Simply add £20 +VAT to any of our memberships plans.