No Man Is An Island

Every Mission Birmingham membership is a contribution to helping build a better Birmingham, not only by bringing your own projects and ideas, but by investing into our collective mission for the city. We hope that by creating a sustainable platform together we can turn Impact Hub Birmingham into the home for the boldest, biggest and most impactful projects in the city, harnessing the work and energy of the many to cultivate real change together. Hear more about joining the Hub as an individual member, ranging from 5 days a month to full time access.

Mission Birmingham

Mission Birmingham membership gives you 5 days access to Impact Hub Birmingham a month, allowing you to regularly spend time working, colliding and collaborating with other members.  Whether you want to broaden your network to accelerate that side project you're working on alongside your day job, or you need space to work on a more casual basis, choose this membership to grow your ideas, connections, skills or mission with Impact Hub Birmingham.

Mission Birmingham Unlimited

Mission Birmingham Unlimited is just that -all of the benefits of Mission Birmingham but with full-time access to Impact Hub Birmingham. This means access to all of our community events, with even more opportunity to get your ideas or the ethos and the activity of your organisation shared and contributed to.

Choose this membership if you are looking for a full-time home for your work, skills and mission, or if you are an individual working remotely as part of your organisation.

Additional Services

Additional services can be purchased at both levels, as bolt-on packages including #RadicalChildcare co-work & creche access, storage, registered address facilities and additional coffee shop drinks for guests. Our memberships are offered on a monthly rolling subscription basis so that you have the flexibility to opt out at any time with 30 days notice.

Discovery Tours

Interested in the Hub as a place to connect with like-minded people or a space to host a meeting? We give guided tours of Impact Hub Birmingham every Tuesday at 10am. Sign up via eventbrite to come along and see what we're all about. If you've decided you are ready to join the hub community, then all you need to do is sign up for your membership, contact us and we will get everything sorted.