The Impact Hub Birmingham Masterclass will arm you with everything you need to craft a crowdfunding campaign to convene and mobilise people-power around your business or idea.

Hosted by Immy Kaur, these 1 day workshops will connect you with the finer details of the impact Hub Birmingham crowdfunding story, and give you the tools to build a movement using learnings from both Impact Hub Birmingham, and formerly the mighty Impact Hub Oakland. Four of these classes are scheduled throughout 2018. See the dates below.

Our Story

Impact Hub Birmingham launched and successfully crowdfunded over £65,000 on Kickstarter. With more than 550 people backing the #EpicBrum campaign, it was one of the biggest civic crowdfunders of its kind in the city. The idea for the Hub came from a small group of passionate Brummies who had been involved in TEDxBrum. We were so inspired by the energy, passion and commitment to the city that we saw every year at TEDxBrum and so asked What If TEDxBrum was every day? - what if that civic energy, commitment to the city and collaboration was something that you could see and feel every single day? So began 2 years of talking to people, trying to find a space, searching high and low for collaborators, disused spaces, community asset transfer and anything we could try to bring together to see how interested citizens could create a home for social change in the city. You can read the full story here:
After nearly two years of amazing citizen momentum peppered with knockbacks, disappointments and tonnes of negativity that we would never be able to make this happen, we were quite tired and pretty broke. We were close to giving up when the incredible Konda Mason popped up into our lives from Impact Hub Oakland, and shared with us about her vision for what an Impact Hub could be in a city, and the deep commitment to civil rights and social justice her community had developed (and how no one believed they could make it happen either). We learnt all about the incredible ‘What Makes You Come Alive?’ kickstarter campaign by Impact Hub Oakland. Konda helped us to realise we had everything we needed to make Impact Hub Birmingham a reality, and that our growing movement and city would help us to make it happen so that it was something we could truly grow and invest in together.

We listened to Konda and did lots of research on crowdfunders. What ingredients did successful crowdfunders of socially-focused movements and mission-driven businesses need? We found there is a recipe; it’s hard work but there is a recipe to crowdfunding your social movement / mission-oriented business. Powering the Hub this way in the beginning also meant our community was rich and strong before the doors opened, and those who invested via Kickstarter remain active members, investors and supporters over 3 years later. We want to invite you to share in our story, uncover the recipe and our learnings to help you to plan your own crowdfunder in our this masterclass and interactive workshop.

Upcoming Class Dates

Who Is It For?

Mission-oriented businesses Early-stage entrepreneurs thinking about crowdfunding in the future Activists & changemakers, Passionate creatives and Entrepreneurs with a big idea Those fired up and ready to launch a crowdfunder  

What You Will Get

  • A warm welcome
  • Spend the day at Impact Hub Birmingham
  • In-depth Masterclass with Immy Kaur who led the #EpicBrum campaign
  • Facilitated space to work on your own crowdfunding campaign
  • Examples of successful crowdfunders
  • Quarter Horse Coffee / TeaPigs Teas & Cake
  • Community-made lunch
  • Bespoke crowdfunding canvas
  • Opportunity to share your crowdfunder with our community
  • Complimentary Day Pass to come back and use any time

About Immy Kaur

Immy is a co-founder of Impact Hub Birmingham, a network of citizens, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers committed to building a better Birmingham and better world. Immy is a member of Project 00, [zero zero] is a collaborative studio of architects, strategic designers, programmers, social scientists, economists and urban designers practicing design beyond its traditional borders, ventures include WikiHouse, Open Desk, Civic Systems Lab and more. Immy was also one of the founding team members that produced Birmingham’s first ever TEDx. Over the last 6 years Immy has curated and produced TEDxBrum as licensee.