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Yellow Wednesdays: Halima’s Path & Remembering Srebrenica

Srebrenica Memorial Day

This month’s Yellow Wednesday coincides with Srebrenica Memorial Day, which takes place on 11th July. Srebrenica Memorial Day honours the victims and survivors of the genocide. It offers a unique opportunity to remember the lives lost in Srebrenica, to highlight the continued consequences of genocide, and to reaffirm our own commitment to strong community relations here in the UK.



Halimin put (original title)

Director: Arsen A. Ostojic

Writer: Fedja Isovic

Cast: Alma Prica, Olga Pakalovic, Mijo Jurisic

1 hour 37mins

2012 (Croatia)


In 1977, fifteen years before the Bosnian War ravaged their lives, Halima’s (Alma Prica) niece Safija (Olga Pakalović) became pregnant by Slavomir (Mijo Jurišić), a Serb man. Beaten and ostracized by her Bosniak family, Safija gave the infant boy to the childless Halima to raise, telling Slavomir it was stillborn. Twenty-three years later, the devastating war has ended. Bodies are being identified through DNA samples and returned to families for burial. Halima’s husband is found, but the boy cannot be returned to her without a blood sample. And that would have to come from Safija who ran away years ago and married Slavomir. When Halima finally locates her, Safija refuses the blood test because she is afraid her husband will discover her deception. And other deceptions could be uncovered as well, including the shocking identity of the soldier who took Halima’s husband and the boy to their deaths


Our Yellow Wednesdays screening are always followed by a panel discussion, this month we have:

Alma Aganović
Alma Aganović became West Midlands Board Chair of Remembering Srebrenica in 2017. Having spent 18 years working in further education, she is currently Executive Director – Marketing and Customer Experience at South and City College Birmingham. Originally from Bosnia-Herzegovina, she strongly believes in giving back and has supported various charities over the years, most recently helping to raise over £50,000 for Tiny Babies, Big Appeal at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Alma is committed to supporting Remembering Srebrenica in doing her bit to raise awareness of genocide, especially amongst young people to ensure that the history never repeats itself.


Alison Baskerville 

Alison Baskerville is a British documentary photographer and former military veteran. Alison explores themes around conflict centred around gender stereotypes. Navigated by ethics and values centred strongly on representation Alison aims to show stories with collaboration and connection. Informed by a military career including tours of Afghanistan and Iraq she is currently exploring the relationship to the often compartmentalised approach to war and the invisible effects on veterans and citizens involved in modern conflict.


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Doors open at 6.30pm and the film starts at 7pm.

Remembering Srebrenica is a British charitable initiative. It recognises that we have achieved a lot in terms of building a cohesive society here in the UK, but discrimination, promotion of hatred, extremism, and exclusion persist, and we must play our part, no matter how large or small, to create a better and safer society for all.
The lesson from Srebrenica is that no society is invulnerable to prejudice and intolerance. We must all remain vigilant against these forces, and take positive action to build stronger, more resilient communities.


Yellow Wednesdays 
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Date & Time

July 18, 2018 | 19:00 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


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