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You’ve built your mobile app, but now what? You need to create repeatable builds, test your app on a wide range of devices, distribute it to beta testers, monitor for crashes then release it to the stores with full user monitoring. This is where Visual Studio App Centre, the new mobile DevOps service from Microsoft can help.

This talk is a broad overview of the services that App Centre offers and how they can create a DevOps pipeline for your mobile apps. We’ll look at using Mobile Centre to set up automated builds of your app, run automated UI tests on real devices in the cloud then distribute to users, either beta testers or via the Google or Apple app stores. Once your app has been deployed Mobile Centre can provide analytics and crash reports, so we’ll cover how easy it is to add support for this to your app and analyse the results. Next, we’ll look at how Mobile Centre can send push notifications to provide targeted messages to your users. Finally we’ll look at all the supported platforms – although Mobile Centre is from Microsoft it is not tied purely to Xamarin, but works with native mobile apps as well as React Native.

By the end of this talk you will be understand the advantages of using Mobile Centre as a part of your mobile strategy, regardless of what technology you use.


Who’s speaking?
Jim Bennett is Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft, a Xamarin Certified Developer, blogger, author of Xamarin In Action (­­), speaker, father and lover of whisky and Thai food. Opinions are Jim’s own.


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March 14 | 18:30 to 20:30


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Updated on 09 January 2018