Trade School Digbeth: Chinese Tea

Join Yi Zeng for a workshop on Chinese Tea Ceremony


One of the earliest written accounts of Chinese tea ceremonies can be traced back thousands years ago. Attention to tea preparation and serving was core to Chinese tea connoisseurs. The class will be led by Chinese food specialist and nutritionist Yi Zeng, in this workshop you will:

  • Smell, taste and experience different Chinese teas (Green Tea 绿茶, Black Tea 红茶)
  • Understand the tea-making process
  • Witness a tea ceremony demonstration
  • Learn basic Mandarin words related to Chinese Tea

Through traditional methods of preparation, Yi Zeng will help you understand the wonderful nutritional benefits of drinking Chinese tea.

Barter items to bring for Yi:

Yi’s ideal barter items would be skill sharing, She would like to learn from the people who know how to run the E-commerce website, as she would like to selling tea online. If you have an online business and have an interest in Chinese Tea, then this class is for you!


About the Tutor:

Yi Zeng is originally from China, and grew up in the city that was mixing with all different culture and cuisines across China.

She started professional cookery training in the University and achieved Master’s degree of Nutrition in University of Bristol. Yi specialises in making authentic and tradition Chinese street food, like dumplings, bao, dim sum and noodles. She is also a Chinese dance teacher, Mandarin teacher and Tai Chi teacher. If you are interested about Chinese food and culture, then do attend the class and connect with Yi.

Yi started a Chinese street food project called 90Foodlab since 2016, which is all about delivering the authentic Chinese cookery workshop to local people using organic and healthy ingredients. The project is now run as a student social enterprise supported by University of Bristol.



There is no charge to attend a class but please note, places on Trade School Digbeth classes are limited, so please only book if you are able to attend. If you book a place and then find yourself unable to attend, please do let us know or cancel your ticket as this will enable us to offer you place to someone else.


About Trade School

The Trade School network is a collective of self-organised barter-for-knowledge schools across the world. Trade School began in January 2009 as an experiment by a group of artists in New York City who wanted to celebrate local wisdom, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange.

Trade School Digbeth is a local chapter of this initiative driven by the Impact Hub Birmingham community and friends. For more info and other upcoming Trade School classes, click here.

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If you can’t make it to a class in Birmingham, there is always something happening at Trade School Dudley, so do check out their programme!

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Date & Time

February 25 | 18:30 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: Free

Updated on 01 February 2019