S.O.S – School of Safety Personal Safety Class

Have you ever felt the need to hit you’re internal SOS button?


If so then please sign up for ROAAAR’s one day personal safety training session. This class will cover  some of the choices we make in our daily life in relation to our safety and some of the feelings and experiences that affect this.

You will also learn some basic self defence moves from Fatima who has set up Blossoms Self Defence – an all female self defence club in Birmingham.

The class will finish with advice on how to process fear and also how our body reacts to trauma and some of the coping strategies we can use to support ourselves.

**Please be aware the class will cover a variety of issues ranging from unwanted attention, theft, street crime and sexual violence.

This class is open to all women – cis or trans and non binary folk.


<<< TICKETS >>>

Tickets are available on a donation basis and can be booked here. Please note places are limited, so do book early if you would like to attend this class



Who will run the day?

The day will be facilitated by safety trainer Ali Baskerville from ROAAAR and Blossoms Self Defence.

What do I need to bring on the day:

Some lunch

Comfy clothing and trainers as well as your normal clothes

Impact Hub Birmingham is wheelchair accessible and there are quiet spaces should they be required.



ROAAAR is a movement to help provide platforms for women – cis or trans and non binary people to feel safe in their own skin. We grow resilience with an emphasis on personal safety training designed with identiies and care at it’s heart.  We are still learning and growing our platform and we appreaciate all contributions from those who come along to our sessions. We would like to make the training more relevant to non binary folk but this will happen over time and talking to the right people. We don’t want to deliver something we are not qualified to share. We look forward to your help in gaining momentum in building resilience with and against the patriarchy. You can follow ROAAAR on Twitter here.


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Date & Time

July 27 | 10:00 to 17:00


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Donation

Cost for Non Members: Donation

Updated on 11 June 2019