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#RadicalChildcare Systems Design Lab

We would like to invite you to be part of the #RadicalChildcare Systems Design Lab in Birmingham on 16-17 July 2018.

In collaboration with Dark Matter Laboratories, we will collectively imagine what a system for the 21st-century child may include and what interventions we will need to create to make that system a reality.

We know that there are so many people already doing amazing work from all different spheres of the ecosystem which our children grow up in and we need as many of these different voices and viewpoints in the room as possible, from parents to policymakers, childcare professionals, designers, developers and so much more.

Everyone has a valid viewpoint and something to input into the process as we learn together.

This is for you if

  • You want to be part of building a more robust and healthy city & systems for our children.
  • You will bring your curiosity, energy, and empathy to add to a collective intelligence on issues affecting the outcomes for children in Birmingham.
  • You are thirsty for a learning and connecting space that interrogates this complexity at both a systemic and human scale.
  • You believe the perspectives and participation of children are essential to this learning.
  • You are ready to challenge your own assumptions and to form or affirm new convictions based on evidence and experience.
  • You are generous with your knowledge and willing to contribute as much as you get out.

Programme Overview and Timings


Monday 16th July 2018

System Lab Kick Off: 13.00 – 17.00

System Lab Opening Dinner & Talks: 18.00 – 21.00



Tuesday 17th July 2018

System Lab: 09.00 – 18.00

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Birmingham

Date & Time

July 16, 2018 to July 17, 2018 | 13:00 to 18:00


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free by Application Only

Cost for Non Members: Free by Application Only

Updated on 15 June 2018