Lorna Prescott

Lorna absolutely loves her work. At the moment she’s creating an Inspiration Lab behind a beautiful coffee shop in Dudley which has been opened by people who welcome everyone and want to help incubate great ideas and projects. Using inspiring ideas from around the world, she supports people to design and try out projects which bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to do things like cooking, growing, making, repairing, learning from each other in the places they live. Lorna works in teams of amazing people from the worlds of design, research, photography, and social innovation, and brilliant people from charities, community groups, the NHS, the council and the police. She is a full time employee of a charity, and loves the outdoors, jogging, my mountain bike and reading. She’s never wanted children. She didn’t understand feminism until she was about 35. Her favourite food is vegetarian curries.

| facebook.com/lorna.dosticen

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