Kellyann Clarke

I never understood why mum insisted on putting me in frilly socks, dainty dresses and pig-tales, admittedly the worst wardrobe for climbing trees and jumping from any and every wall insight. Finally at the age of seven mum threw away the frilly socks and got me into competitive sport and my passion for health and fitness officially began.

After twelve years in the rewarding world of teaching, at times working with the most challenging youngsters I decided to be true to myself and return to my first love, health and fitness.

And why do I love fitness so much..? Simply, without fitness health deteriorates and without health there is no life; I’m therefore at my most content when I can support others live full, happy, healthy lives.
KC Fitness is the ultimate fusion of all my hobbies, passions and dreams; from cooking, to literature to painting all rolled up into what has now become my business. I feel so blessed to be living the dream.

Kelly-ann Clarke is one of Birmingham’s up and coming female Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructor. She is leading the way in the health and fitness sector with her superbly tailored workout and nutritional programmes.
Kelly-ann is also the founder and creator of KCFitness; a highly effective health and fitness consultancy which offers a totally integrated health and lifestyle service. KCFitness is all about supporting individuals in becoming healthier, happier and more fulfilled.

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