Open Project Night

Every Monday at Impact Hub Birmingham is Open Project Night, 6.30pm – 10.30pm.

Once a week we fling open the doors of Impact Hub Birmingham extra wide and invite any imagineers working on projects, ventures and ideas focused on unleashing a better us – a better Birmingham – to all come together in the same space. Creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, scientists, makers and doers, everyone is welcome to come along to add their vision of a better Birmingham.


What’s happening tonight?


Roundtable discussion with invited participants on the theme of Protest and Print
This Open Project Night meet up will be based on an exhibition of cultural periodicals that will be taking place during the day and will be expanding into an evening discussion of the role/importance of magazines, reviews, zines etc. in protest movements generally. Get more details and sign up here.


Project Check-In

Do you enjoy learning? Have a social good project you’re working on? Find yourself putting things off when you’re working alone? Would it help to feed off the creativity and energy of other people working on their own completely different, fascinating learning/doing/making projects?

The meetup will start with a short check-in – where we can share what we want to achieve during the meetup. Then, we’ll have time for our own work. At the end we’ll do a check-out to describe what we learnt or achieved. Hopefully we can inspire and motivate each other and make more meaningful progress than we could just working from home! Find out more and sign up here.


If you want to organise your own meet up or find out more about Open Project Night, just click here!



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Date & Time

September 16, 2019 | 18:30 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: Free

Updated on 13 September 2019