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Open Project Night

Every Monday at Impact Hub Birmingham is Open Project Night, 6.30pm – 10.30pm.

Once a week we fling open the doors of Impact Hub Birmingham extra wide and invite any imagineers working on projects, ventures and ideas focused on unleashing a better us – a better Birmingham – to all come together in the same space. Creatives, activists, entrepreneurs, dreamers, scientists, makers and doers, everyone is welcome to come along to add their vision of a better Birmingham.

If you want to organise your own meet up or find out more about Open Project Night, just click here!


What’s happening tonight?

SistersUncut Birmingham

Sisters Uncut is a feminist direct action group that campaigns to prevent and reverse cuts to domestic violence services and austerity measures. the group is open to all those identifying as women; including those with multi-gender identities and those who experience oppression as women.


Net Squared Midlands

Learn how the Sustainability angle can help you win business with Donna Galt

Donna Galt is a Marketing & Sustainability Consultant

Research shows that as audiences become more aware of the challenges facing the planet, they’re looking for organisations that are helping to make a difference. They want to buy from ethical suppliers, work for organisations that care about the planet and its people, and invest in organisations that understand the size of the opportunities this shift will present.

1. What exactly is Sustainable Business?

2. How can we help our management team understand sustainable business opportunities?

3. What are the risks of not being a sustainably defined business?

4. Easy guide to becoming more sustainable

For the past few years, Donna Galt has been at the forefront of the sustainable business debate, working with Midlands businesses to develop the concept that sustainability can be used as a competitive advantage. She explains how she’s helping businesses improve their bottom line by becoming more sustainably defined.

The Sustainable Business Leadership model, championed by the University of Cambridge outlines that once organisations realise that the sustainability angle can become a competitive advantage they become more aware, sustainability becomes embedded in their decision making processes, and their products services and business models all include sustainability as a norm. This allows businesses to be successful while protecting the planet and its people at the same time, so a win/win for all.

The earth is facing a tipping point. Once the temperature rises above 2 degrees, scientists say they don’t know what will happen, and at what rate it will happen – this is a pretty unusually risky position for humans to be in. With risk comes opportunity – smart businesses are exploring these opportunities in order to future proof themselves as this new ‘sustainability revolution approaches.

Donna works with management teams in order to change the perceptions of their management board, showcasing the challenges and the opportunities.



RESTORE are creating an opportunity for people to volunteer as community champions at the ‘A Sabbath at the Hub’ event taking place on January 27th. This event will bring together doers, dreamers, leaders and change-makers from across the UK to think big about positive change in their church communities.

Restore have created this opportunity for people who enjoy putting their faith into action and are interested in being part of something incredible whilst learning from others. Aside from having the chance to connect with like-minded people, as a community champion you will have the unique opportunity to explore how we all can do outreach better by prototyping a new initiative beyond the event in January. If being part of a cohort of volunteers embarking on a journey into something meaningful and enriching at all interests you, please come along to the open evening and induction on the 15th or 22nd January to learn more.



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Date & Time

January 15 | 18:30 to 22:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: Free

Updated on 15 January 2018