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What makes Castle Vale a great place to be?


How might we transform a building on the High street into a place where people can live, work and champion the things that make Castle Vale amazing?

#OnThe Vale

11-15 December 2017

High St, Castle Vale, Birmingham


In partnership with the Pioneer Group, Impact Hub Birmingham is exploring the role a new approach to housing and enterprise space can have in celebrating the area and inspiring an alternative future. In 2016, Castle Vale Housing Association purchased a building on the High street that used to belong to West Midlands Police with a desire to create a new and exciting place where people could live and work together. A place that is built with, for and by the people of Castle Vale with the help and inspiration of friends from around Birmingham and beyond.

To get the ball rolling with this project, we will be hosting a week long Open Festival called #OnTheVale, inviting Castle Vale residents and friends from across the city to come together to explore what Castle Vale and this building could become together.

Join in at any point throughout the week to have some fun building, sharing, making and connecting with some amazing people.


What will be happening this week?

Day One: Monday 11 December | Being #OnTheVale

To kick things off we will be exploring and seeking to discover the things that make Castle Vale an amazing place to be. Join us from 10am to co-build a pop up coffee house in the foyer of the former police station and a public living room where we can hang out with others and have conversations about the Vale over tea and coffee.

Day Two: Tuesday 12 December | Living #OnTheVale

Day two will be thinking about Innovations in Housing. Along with friends from Knowle West in Bristol, we will explore some examples of innovative co-living spaces and how they help the people who live there to create the lifestyles they really want. A Stay & Play workshop will also take place for parents/guardians to come along with children (Sign up here). We will be thinking about what we can do to transform the former police station into a living space through a design my ideal apartment co-design session.

Day Three: Tuesday 13 December | Playing #OnTheVale

Day Three will explore some ideas for what makes a vibrant high street? How might we work together as citizens of Castle Vale to bring more life to our the High street? With guests from Dudley will take a look at some examples from around the world of how ordinary citizens have transformed public spaces where they live and experiment with what we can do through a workshop that will turn rainy days #OnTheVale into something to look forward to!

Day Four: Thursday 14 December | Working #OnTheVale

Day Four will be looking at what makes Castle Vale a great place to work. Together we will prototype ideas for how we could turn the former police station into collaborative workspace and we invite freelancers, small business owners for an afternoon of co-working #OnTheVale. We will be joined by friends from POPIn UK is a Birmingham based enterprise who create bespoke alternative retail experiences for designers, makers and visual artists.

Day Five: Friday 15 December | Being #OnTheVale

Bring it all together, we will revisit the questions of what makes Castle Vale a great place to be and what role the former police station building could play to help champion these things. Join us in again in the public living room and the pop up coffee house to continue the conversation. In the afternoon, we are calling for local residents to participate in a challenge like to create a fun festive experience for the local community to close the festival.


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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Birmingham and the Pioneer Group

Date & Time

December 11, 2017 to December 15, 2017 | 09:00 to 17:00


Former Police Station


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: Free

Updated on 06 December 2017