Learning Community #4

The Role of Fathers with Joost Beunderman & Andy Reeve.

And here’s to the fathers… Well, sort of.  The 21st Century dad has been a long time coming: whilst the UK introduced Shared Parental Leave as one of many needed step towards greater sharing of tasks during the first year of parenthood, uptake seems to be low. Let’s be honest – how many fathers do we know who make the decision to go part-time to look after the little one(s)?

Why is this? What is going on in the minds, and in the households, of 21st Century dads? What are the pressures they face – and how are they dealing with it? How are they having their conversations with their partners about this? And what support needs do they have?

Two Impact Hub fathers, Andy Reeve from Birmingham and Joost Beunderman from Brixton will host an open discussion.

To get your thinking going, have a look at the following:

The 1001 Critical Days, A Cross Party Manifesto

“Pregnancy, birth and the first 24 months can be tough for every mother and father, and some parents may find it hard to provide the care and attention their baby needs. But it can also be a chance to affect great change, as pregnancy and the birth of a baby is a critical ‘window of opportunity’ when parents are especially receptive to offers of advice and support.” This manifesto highlights the importance of acting early to enhance the outcomes for children, outlining that a radical change in our approach to these 1001 Critical Days is required.

 John Bingham: Myth of the new-age father as traditional parenting roles re-emerge, The Telegraph

“It has been hailed as a revolution in family life with a new generation of parents abandoning traditional roles, as fathers take on an equal share of childcare. But an Oxford University study suggests that the idea of the “new”, hands-on father is proving to be a myth as the realities of everyday life force couples back into virtually the same roles as their own parents.” Are the expectations on fathers moving towards that of a “do-it-all” parent?

We ask that you study the research material where possible, and bring an item of food to share with the group if you can. For more information about the #RadicalChildcare Learning Community please click here.

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Impact Hub Birmingham

Date & Time

February 22, 2016 | 18:30 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


Updated on 19 February 2016