Learning Community #3 with Byng

Childcare & the Creative Industries with Louise Byng.

Coming from a design and visual arts background, I’m interested in how artists can help shake up current thinking around childcare, pioneering #RadicalChildcare solutions in the creative industries and beyond. In a similar way to Mothers of Innovation, the Artists Raising Kids Compendium outlines a shift in identity for parents, including their capacity to be an artist who strives for more. But how could the creative world better serve parents, supporting them to enjoy creative content and sustain a career in the arts?

This session will look at how raising children might help rewire the creative industries and vice versa, sparking discussion arising from the following resources:

Lyn Gardner: Parents In The Arts Need To Stage A Childcare Revolution in The Guardian

This was the first article that really made me feel connected in to the #RadicalChildcare conversation, with Lyn highlighting the imbalance between care-givers and ‘free agents’ in the arts, and the affect this has on the sustainability of a career in the arts for women in particular. “Theatres are getting infinitely better at being family-friendly for audiences and those who use them. But maybe the industry needs to look much harder about how it supports those with caring responsibilities so they can continue to sustain careers in the arts.” Read the article here.

Artists Raising Kids Compendium by Artists U

“Time and money are the big challenges for all artists, both parents and non-parents. Artists who cannot work out the time-money equations often leave the field. The positive way of saying that is: if you work out a sustainable schedule and budget, you can keep making your work.” This booklet looks at how raising children can push us to be better artists / workers, by increasing our drive to be financially secure and focusing on what is most important in the work we do. Read the compendium here.

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We ask that you study the research material where possible, and bring an item of food to share with the group if you can. For more information about the #RadicalChildcare Learning Community please click here.

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Impact Hub Birmingham

Date & Time

February 8, 2016 | 18:30 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


Updated on 16 February 2016