HubTalks: The Case for the Green New Deal with Ann Pettifor

The Case for the Green New Deal

To protect the systems that sustain life on earth, we need to do more than just reimagine the economy – we have to change everything. From one of the original thinkers of the program that helped ignite the US Green New Deal campaign, Ann Pettifor explains how we can afford what we can do. We have done it before – and can do it again.

The Case for the Green New Deal makes the case that economic change is wholly possible, based on the understanding that finance, the economy and the ecosystem are all tightly bound together. The GND demands total de-carbonisation and a commitment to an economy based on fairness and social justice. It proposes a radical new understanding of the international monetary system, and shows that we can – and must – afford the overhaul of our own national systems, but also globally. It is a radical, urgent manifesto that we must act on now. Before it is too late.


Join Impact Hub Birmingham Co-Founder Andy Reeve in conversation with Ann Pettifor as they discuss The Case for the Green New Deal and some of the themes in Ann’s book and one of the pressing needs of our time.


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Tickets for this Hub Talks event are free for members of Impact Hub Birmingham and £5 for non members. You can book your ticket here via Eventbrite. Copies of The Case for the Green New Deal will be on sale via Foyles and Ann will be happy to sign copies at the end of the event.


About Ann:

Ann Pettifor is the Director of Prime (Policy Research in Macroeconomics), an Honorary Research Fellow at City University, and a Fellow of the New Economics Foundation. She is the author of The Production of Money, The Real World Economic Outlook and The Coming First World Debt Crisis. In 2018 she won the prestigious Hannah Arendt Prize for Political Thought.
She is known for her leadership of the Jubilee 2000 campaign, which resulted in debt cancellation of over $100 billion for more than thirty countries. In 2006 she was one of the first people to predict the subsequent Financial Crash. In 2008 she was part of the team of economists and environmentalists that first outlined the Green New Deal. In 2015 was invited onto the economic advisory board of the British Labour Party by Jeremy Corbyn. Since 2018 she has been advising Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the US Green New Deal campaign.


About Andy Reeve:


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October 7, 2019 | 19:00 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


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Updated on 06 September 2019