Hub Talks: Decolonise Da Ting

Decolonise Da Ting

This talk explores what underlying and overarching notions of knowledge currently shape the academy (i.e higher education) and the fundamental implications of this. Starting from a position that argues the academy is steeped in colonial Eurocentric beliefs and an all-encompassing Eurocentric epistemology (knowledge system), we will explore ways in which this has come about; thus, identifying the site(s) at which this can be challenged.

The way the academy and wider society values and appreciates different forms of knowledge production will be called in to question as demonstrable of a colonial Eurocentric presiding system; seeking an answer to the question of who benefits from a Eurocentric world and academy. Melz will posit different forms of knowledge production to encourage the audience to reflect on what is valued within our current schema of thought and what is not. This talk will be offered in an accessible style in an effort to ensure both those within the academia and those who are not can benefit and gain something from this talk. The talk will finish with a musical segment.


Decolonise Da Ting Tour

Melz will be travelling to Germany, South Africa, the United States and across the UK over the Autumn of 2018 to deliver a range of talks and workshops centred on decolonisation. Melz uses a range of approaches to respond to the issues coloniality raises in institutions and in everyday life. As an academic, poet and grime artist Melz is able to fuse these approaches and produce and accessible, entertaining and thought provoking analysis of the current colonial situation.


You can watch Melz’ TEDxUniversityofLeeds talk here:



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Melz is a non-binary academic, grime artist/ rapper and poet. They are passionate about decolonising knowledge and spaces and writes extensively about this in music, poetry and research. Melz worked as a student officer at Leeds between 2015 – 2017 where they spearheaded challenges to the University regarding a colonised curriculum through the ‘Why is my Curriculum White?’ campaign. They are currently pursuing a PhD at The University of Leeds wherein they are exploring the epistemic violence colonisation continues perpetuate and the affect this has on the Black British psyche and mental wellbeing. Melz has also worked with platforms such as TEDx and The Huffington Post where they offer poetic and musical responses to some of the most critical issues facing our society and political system.


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Date & Time

December 3, 2018 | 19:00 to 20:30


Impact Hub Birmingham


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Updated on 26 October 2018