Hub Talks: Micah Bournes

“To be silent in an age of corruption is to be violent against myself, Which is somethin’ I will not do.”– Micah Bournes

Micah Bournes is a poet and musician from Long Beach, California. His work includes hip hop and blues music, but he’s most known for his dynamic performances of spoken word poetry. He often writes on themes of culture, justice and faith. He is a co-founder of Fight Evil With Poetry Press and has traveled the world performing poetry and teaching on creative writing and issues of justice.

In his recent work, Micah crowdfunded over $22,000 to produce ‘A Time Like This: A Hip Hop Lament for America;’ a personal critique, and call to action in direct response to the political state of affairs in his country, exploring  hemes such as war, race, religion, and love.

Join Micah Bournes at Hub Talks in conversation with Keiran Mckenzie as he performs a selection of his spoken word, poetry and music. Experience the power of words in the expression and exploration of themes such as truth, creativity, community and the common good.


‘Maybe there’s a reason we were made for a time like this.’


Visit to find out more about Micah’s work.

“Bournes paints both metaphors—the personal and the political; our power to speak and our power to listen—throughout the hour-long, 16-track exploration of America that touches on many subjects, including war, race, religion, and love. A Time Like This is an honest, balanced brew of anger and celebration, hope and frustration, coming from a perspective deeply self-identified as Black and Christian.”

Forthe: Long Beach Grass Roots Arts & Media, June 2018



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Impact Hub Birmingham

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November 8, 2018 | 19:00 to 21:00


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Updated on 16 October 2018