Food for Thought and Banned Books Week

“I have some food in my bag for you
Not that edible food, the food you eat
No, I have some food for thought.
– Erykah Badu

Food For Thought is our take on afternoon tea, an opportunity to feed our bellies and minds every Thursday here at Impact Hub Birmingham.

Join us as we gather around the workbench and discuss key themes and ideas each week, hosted by the community over tea and cake! This week Impact Hub Birmingham Team member Nikki Bi will be talking all things Banned Books with an informal discussion around books that have made the banned list. Should books be censored?

Whilst Banned Books Week is primarily an American initiative, the UK has started Hub likes to encourage discussion and debate about everyday issues and reading/books is one of them!

Launched in the States in 1982, Banned Books Week was a response to the increased number of challenges to books in libraries, schools and bookstores. The American Library Association has recorded more than 11,300 books that have challenged across the U.S. The ALA have created a list of frequently challenged books. You can find out more about Banned Books Week here.

Banned Books Week UK is a week long celebration of the freedom to read coordinated by partner organisations Index on Censorship, The British Library, English PEN, Free Word Centre, Islington Library and Heritage Services, Media Diversified, The Publishers Association, the Royal Society of Literature, Hachette UK and Libraries Connected in association with the ALA.

What do we mean by ‘Banned’?
By ‘banned’, we mean any book that has been censored, banned or where its removal or restriction has been called for from libraries, schools, bookshops or public circulation. A book might be challenged by individuals, private pressure groups or governments who disagree with its content or message and therefore wish to censor or silence the author’s voice.



Food for Thought is free for Impact Hub Birmingham members to attend and £5 for non members.
If you’re not a member, you can book your ticket via eventbrite here.

If you are interested in hosting a conversation or activity of your own at a future Food For Thought, please do get in touch.


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Date & Time

September 27, 2018 | 15:00 to 16:00


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Free

Cost for Non Members: £5

Updated on 11 September 2018