Election Daze – Birmingham

“Nobody wants an election right now”

Well, not quite *nobody* but many people are feeling bemused by the prospect of another summer dominated by voting.

I want us to have some real conversations about how things are run in this society and what we could be doing together instead of either arguing on Facebook about personalities or “leadership” or just shrugging and trying to ignore the professional political class.

I attended several political conferences last year. All were billed as opportunities to join in a conversation; all of them were packed and over-subscribed. And all of them were run in the same old way with a panel of the chosen clever few lecturing the rest of us before a rushed Q&A.

I’m going to run some events, but they won’t be like that. I’d like you to come.

I’m calling them “Election Daze” to reflect the sense of confusion many people are expressing.

The question we’ll be working on is simple: “What are we going to do about politics?

I hope that gives space for a broad range of conversations at an individual; community; city; regional or national level. There may be experts in the room, but they will not be able to dominate. If you come along, you will be able to talk and work with others on the things that are most important to you. You will organise your own time and will be actively encouraged to walk away from anything that doesn’t light your fire.

It will be the conversation about politics that you’ve been desperate to have.

Some of the people there will be organising political activity all year round, others will have just woken up to how broken the system is and how we need to change it. The intention here is to help support and extend existing networks as well as creating some new ones – it’s not meant to cut across or supercede anything that anyone is already doing locally. Everyone is welcome.

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Event Organizers

Lloyd Davis


Date & Time

May 8, 2017 | 10:00 to 17:00


Impact Hub Birmingham


Updated on 27 April 2017