Art Against The Grain: Decolonise Not Diversify

Art Against the Grain presents Decolonise Not Diversify: a one-day festival to unpack and challenge dominant narratives.

‘The concept of diversity only exists if there is an assumed neutral point from which ‘others’ are ‘diverse.’ Putting aside for now the straight, male, middle-classness of that ‘neutral’ space, its dominant aspect is whiteness. Constructed by a white establishment, the idea of ‘diversity’ is neo-liberal speak. It is the new corporatized version of multiculturalism… We don’t talk about racism, just ‘lack of diversity.’ – Kavita Bahnot

Curated by a collective of artists, thinkers and doers, the day will explore decoloniality through visual art, performance, literature, media, academia, politics, entrepreneurship, & more, provoking shared learning through open conversations.

Decolonise Not Diversify will bring together thought-leaders from across the country to feed into the dialogue around #DecoloniseBrum, addressing issues surrounding race and gender head on. The day will host a series of microlectures, conversations, workshops, a DIY art exhibition and marketplace.

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Decolonise Programme.indd



Diversity as a Dead-End: Reading White Supremacy by Kavita Bhanot
An Introduction to Islamic Decoloniality by Dr Syed Mustafa Ali
History of Trauma: The Connection between Colonisation & Depression by Demi Nandhra, Contemporary Other
PREVENT and the Criminalisation of Muslims by Afronze Ziadi, University of Birmingham
Decolonising Literature & Publishing with Anthony Anaxagorou
Decolonising Museums & Established Arts Institutions with Sara Amanda of Exhibit B: Ban the Human Zoo and Charlotte Holmes, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery
Why Do We Need Black Studies? by Kehinde Andrews, BCU Black Studies Course


Make Your Own Bathbomb with Sad Girls Club
Exploring the Importance of Black Art with Black British Girlhood
Decolonising Queer* Identities with UNMUTED
Brown Girls Mean Business: The Start-Up Guide with mOmhead
Anti-Blackness in Asian Communities with Latifah Stone, Juice Aleem, Sacha Xassan & Wasif Sayyed
Unconscious Bias with Joy Warmington, BRAP
Zine-Making with OOMK
Love Doc Screening + Pattigift Conversation


Hyper-Masculinity by Shardia Brisco-Palmer
Black Activism by Ornette Clennon
An Introduction of the Roadman Experience by Caleb Femi


Stop Killing the Mandem
Dark Circle
Byng Inc.
and more TBC


DIY Open Exhibition
Food Vendors

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Birmingham

Date & Time

October 8, 2016 | 10:00 to 21:00


Impact Hub Birmingham


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: £8

Cost for Non Members: £10

Updated on 06 October 2016