What has Impact Hub Birmingham meant to you? We asked you to answer this question in whatever form you liked; writing to us, tweeting, making something to contribute to a collectively-grown online public archive. Here is a growing collection of Best Wishes from those of you who were kind enough to respond. We feel incredibly lucky to have been on the journey with you all over the last 5 years, and are completely humbled by your passion and care as we go forward together, and cannot wait to build on everything we've learned from, grown and been challenged by here. This is only the beginning. Thank you, Birmingham.
Malala Yousafzai and Ellen Hahn
Work Experience at Impact Hub Birmingham

We had an unforgettable time completing our work experience at Impact Hub Birmingham. Everyone was so welcoming, friendly and warm. Everyday was a busy day and we took part in workshops, talks and of course making coffee! We met so many interesting people and made memories that will last forever.

Reece Turner
SpeakUP Challenge

The SPEAKup Challenge benefited massively from Ooen Project Night in the early days of our organisation. Through your generosity we were able to start something very special which has gone on to have a positive impact on thousands of individuals. Our public speaking programme has changed a lot since you saw us last, but the concept is still the same: provide a safe space for people to practice and then allow them the opportunity to speak from a big stage and test their skills. We have members doing incredible things: fighting modern slavery, campaigning for mental health services, reducing corruption in Nigeria, and so much more.

I honestly don't think we would be running today if we didn't have access to OPN in the early days to learn that there is an appetite for this kind of service. So this is all happening because of you! On behalf of everyone at SPEAKup HQ, and the thousands who we have supported through our programmes - we would like to say a big thank you. You are all awesome and should feel very proud of what you have accomplished. Impact Hub Birmingham lives on through every individual that walked through the doors and experienced the magical community you made possible.

Rosi Crawley Walker Books It has been an incredible joy and a true highlight of our tours with the author of The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas to work with Impact Hub Birmingham. The events we’ve worked on together have been thoughtfully curated, engaging for the community, and truly emanated the messages we were trying to convey in our campaign for the books. Not only this, but the events themselves supported young activists and performers and helped us widen out the scope of the events above and beyond the books thanks to the connections Impact Hub Birmingham has. Angie is an inspirational voice for young people and so it was ideal to work with a venue that values young people and their voices as much as she does.

Tina Francis

I’m a believer that “craft builds community” and so was delighted to see that Impact Hub ran skill share workshops. As well as attending, I ran my own stitch workshop sharing skills and promoting the health and wellbeing aspect. It gave people the opportunity to learn a new craft in a free and safe environment. It gave me the opportunity to reach a different demographic to my usual workshop participants.

Pravini Baboeram
The Uprising

It was such a pleasure having the film screened at Impact Hub Birmingham. The space is filled with creative energy and the spirit of a community that cares for innovation, sustainability and diversity. This vibe is also reflected in the people working there and the audience that night. The conversations were rich and thought provoking, with a clear intention to contribute to social justice. In that regard, even though I was from abroad, Impact Hub Birmingham really gave me a sense of home and community.

Sofar Birmingham

Doing shows at Impact Hub Birmingham has always been really special! They were some of our biggest in Brum and the team were always incredibly friendly and accommodating, helping us grow our brand in the city and enabling us to showcase more and more incredible artists.


Impact Hub Birmingham was our first home almost 4 years ago, supporting us continuously through so many projects. A place where queer kids felt safe, where many explored their identity in ways we couldn't have even imagined. Can't wait for what's to come next. To the team, we love you!

Virginia Bailey Projects and Programmes Manager, British Fencing Firstly, I have been following Impact Hub Birmingham's journey on social media over the last few weeks and wow, you guys really do do some incredible work! In the short space of time and limited meetings I had with you I always left feeling totally inspired and lucky to work with you. There is one particular meeting that will always stick in my mind, when we met Shimul and the meeting started off very ‘sporty’ (as I would say), talking purely about numbers of people being active and how many we had through the door and ignoring the more important work that was going on. Then we joined you for tea and cake and Shimul got to listen to the conversation and hear about the impact that the project was having and from that moment I could see her shift in how she viewed the project. It’s not all about mass participation and getting people to do 60 minutes of activity, it is so much more. When the exhibition happened, she was nearly lost for words...
We have been fortunate to collaborate with Impact Hub Birmingham through the Muslim Girls Fence project over the last 18 months. Working with an organisation from outside of the sports sector who understand their local community, provide wide and varied opportunities to engage with them, has been a brilliant experience and journey to go on. The team at Impact Hub Birmingham have huge amounts of passion, knowledge and commitment for all that they do, they challenge ways of thinking and ways of working to ensure that we get the best out of what we are doing and want to achieve. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Alaa Alsaraji

We worked with Impact Hub on our Birmingham branch of the Muslim Girls Fence project. It became really clear from the beginning of our collaboration that the staff at Impact Hub really understand and are invested in the local community. Impact Hub was so much more than just a venue, but a partner who helped us shape the project and create something that is truly unique to Birmingham and allowed relationships to be formed that will last beyond our project.

It was amazing to be able to work with an organisation full of passionate and dedicated individuals, who share our values and truly care about the community around them.

Sam Schafer
Stallholder at Brum Zine Fest

There's a lot to say about how good Impact Hub Birmingham was at supporting the community and arts. They are role models. Follow what they do next. But what *I* have to say is: they had really comfy chairs.

You guys were so excellent. It was a joy of a venue and I will treasure my memories of it always. I hope you all do extraordinary things.


MAIA Weekender, Creative Freelancer's Day, launch of the Producers of Colour network, Reparations Nap Installation, Of The City series, Artist Roundtable, Alternative Civics launch, Developers' Dinner, ABUELOS community dinner, so many meetings & so much more...

Space is power. When lots of other spaces in the city didn't see the value of our work, Impact Hub Birmingham opened their doors to allow us to crack on, with such ease and generosity, it kept us going through some pretty tough times. Thank you for the last 3 years.


Impact Hub Birmingham has been so many things to the city & beyond.

But most of all I think it’s been a home, a home to action & vision & change – real, lasting, genuine impact. A home for communities.

A home for a coalition:

Change agents

Home to all of this & more. From my first visit to my last, across the years & jobs & ideas & pipedreams & dashed expectations & rediscovered hope, it’s always felt like home.

A place of challenge, support, shared visions & common cause. A place of welcome, community, equity & egalitarianism. Hearts as well as minds.

So… onwards now to CIVIC SQUARE. To build anew, & to build a new, extraordinary place. The communities grow, evolve, morph and merge. Destination: further. Bring it on.

Dark Matter Labs

A massive shout out to the Impact Hub Birmingham team - who have really showed the way to all of us - in terms of building real change on the ground with grace and elegance and building super teams worthy of the name!

Dark Matter Labs would not be here without you!

Sinead Latham
The Anti Coach

I'll miss Impact Hub Birmingham but the power of every person who's stepped inside that building is unstoppable. Can't wait to see what comes next 🧡

Keith Dowsett

I’m really looking forward to 2020 because CIVIC SQUARE is going to get going and show this lovely, sorry town how to Public its Space. Impact Hub Brum simply becomes Brum.

Dan Slee

That Kickstarter was like watching a group of people you admire climb a very big tower block and build a glider out of paperclips. I think I speak on behalf of everyone by saying we chipped in because we didn't want to see you crash. And you didn't. I mainly sat in the corner with headphones on fighting a 'to do" list Impact Hub Birmingham a couple of days a week. But I'll always admire the people who made it fly.

Jo Gane

I was only in for a short time, but thanks for making things possible again when I was figuring out how to work with my family and new little one. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter.

Katherine Sladden

Impact Hub Birmingham has always been a special place. Your team are magical - keep doing magic whereever you go next.

Nick Glover

I really don't think Birmingham understands what it's had, what it's lost and what it stands to gain from this incredible bunch of people.

We talk a lot about leadership in this city and these guys live and breathe it. Heroes.
Jayne Hardy
Creator of The Blurt Foundation

You've all been my mentors, from afar! Not only did you believe in me for TEDx when I didn't believe in me, you created an extraordinary event culture that was so inspiring to be part of. Dom and I still talk about it to this day. You care, you have integrity, you look at old problems through a new lens and from different angles and you do it in such a way that I know, that if I'd have lived in Brum, I would have been rocking up every which way to soak up that energy. I do hope you all realise the ripples you've sent out and that those will continue rippling. I always think too, how much courage and passion it takes to be constantly going against the grain, in having to constantly be coming up with ideas for sustainability when the funders who could propel you forward with your incredible ideas, seem to prefer to bet on the stuff that's proven not to be the solution. I just love you guys, it's been a privilege and an honour to follow you, be mentored by you, to learn from you and for TEDx, to meet you all and to be encompassed by your love and support. Proper love everything you do and who you all are, individually and collectively.

Hannah Prentice
Hub Wizard & Creator of TIC (Tourettes is Complex)

The story goes like this: I found about Impact Hub Birmingham in December 2014 at the launch night when it was bare as hell with no furniture and no yellow flooring. I could already feel the potential for this place for Birmingham! There's actually a photo of me back in College days, long red hair, 19 year old Hannah. So I kept coming to free events, Open Project Night, poetry jam, workshop, making use of the as space. I found this place so welcoming, vibrant and I just wanted to belong here. Impact Hub Birmingham has been as massive growth of independence for me within a workplace environment. I now know can approach different workplaces for future career roles in fronts of house as being wizard/host now for two years I have enjoyed every laugh and tear, especially at Food for Thought, seeing the young children when crèche finishes. It's Just opened up a whole new beginning for me in senses of work, adulting, tic project, Tourettes and knowing that there's a difference between questioning am I accepted or can I be accepted. You know what, I already know the answer: it's yes. I am accepted in this community and glad to belong somewhere now.

Baljinder Kaur

Over the past 4 years, when I’ve felt lost as a freelance Illustrator working in isolation from home, you have been a sanctuary and powerhouse. You’ve provided me with warmth and healing, and helped me feel more grounded. I’m really grateful to have had access to your safe and loving arms. Thank you for being here so generously, for so many of us.

David Stevens
Co-Founder Knights Of

Impact Hub Birmingham created an incredibly memorable experience around KNIGHTS AND BIKES – one that readers ask us to recreate over a year later! A book launch is often a stuffy, formal affair – the team made the event an extravaganza that has kids excited about reading. There are few partners as creative or as ambitious without losing sight of what is achievable.

Konda Mason
Founder Impact Hub Oakland

Wow!!! So proud of you and your team at Impact Hub Birmingham! May the next journey be even more fulfilling as you do your life’s work!! Love to you forever. Onward!!!

Michael Sheen

Incredible what’s been achieved by you all in that building! Very best wishes for the next chapter.

Mo Noble
OLC, Holyhead School, Handsworth

I am shocked and sad to hear that the Impact Hub Birmingham is closing. You have done such amazing work and as a consequence of your hard work our students and staff have had such an incredible experience.

Angie Thomas gave a talk and held a Q&A session to 100 Year 9 students. As a consequence of this, Angie's book the Hate U Give was embedded in the English department SOL (Scheme of Learning) as a long term and sustainable project. Students also watched the film. This was a real time experience for our students.

Jason Reynolds gave a talk to 105 Year 10 English students with the aim of inspiring and motivating students to read for pleasure. He talked about many things including his family his upbringing in the Bronx, his career to date. He also talked about his writing and screenwriting work.

The aim of both authors was to promote their books and their work. The objective was to encourage BAME students to read for pleasure. They both talked about their aspirations to encourage students to aim higher too. Angie and Jason were great ambassadors for diversity and for the BAME community. It was a real privilege for Holyhead School to host both of these events and that's all down to you!

Jamie Lee Turner
Foyles Birmingham

Over the past few years, we have had the privilege of working with Impact Hub Birmingham on a variety of projects and events that have helped bring together the vast wealth of creators living in the Birmingham area. Through our partnership, we have supported the local community and encouraged frank discussions on critically important topics from climate change to gender and race identity.

Nikki Bi and the team are incredible hosts, partners and friends, and together they have created a hub of collaboration, entertainment and love which has become an icon of the community they have helped harbour since the Hub's creation. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Hub family and we can't wait to see what comes next for Nikki and the team.


This was where GirlDreamer all started. We literally registered the company sitting in one of the booths! We're gutted we weren't there at the very beginning or very end of this wonderful place but for the middle part that we were, it was a game changer. Thank you Hub, for everything. 💜

Shazia Javed
Producer / Director, 3 Seconds Divorce

I screened my film, ‘ 3 seconds Divorce’ at Impact Hub Birmingham this year. This opportunity helped connect my film to the local community in Birmingham. My film tells the story of Muslim women activists in India and the challenges they face in their work. It was very useful to bring this perspective to the audience at the hub and have a discussion that was locally relevant.

Impact Hub Birmingham provided a safe space to openly and critically discuss the issues raised in the film. This mattered a lot especially since the perspectives centered in the film are often muted in both, real and reel spaces. The screening also gave my film international visibility which is otherwise difficult to achieve for an independent WOC filmmaker like me. I work and live in Canada and it was great to be able to interact with the audience in the UK”!

Emma Darude
Managing Director EDPR

Working with Impact Hub Birmingham, and in particular, the wonder that is Nikki Bi, has always been a huge pleasure. Over the years they’ve hosted events for us with household names like Nadiya Hussain, with bestsellers like Dorothy Koomson and with authors at the very beginning of stellar careers like Angie Thomas and their inclusive approach, innovative programming and focus on community has created a warm and welcoming space for everyone. We love working with them!

Indy Johar
Dark Matter Labs

Congrats to all - we proved a different Impact Hub was possible. #MicDrop

Allison Sadler
The People Shop

You created something SO unique & valuable for Birmingham. Well done Hub fam. Looking forward to seeing part 2 of your magical journey.

Thomas Barrett
Editor & Journalist

Sorry to read you've been forced to move. I really enjoyed visiting last year, meeting Andy and learning about DemoDev. Was my first time in Birmingham and left feeling very inspired.

Mark Norbury
CEO of UnLtd

Impact Hub Birmingham is an extraordinary tale of courage, vision, community, integrity and hope overcoming the massive, venal barriers put in their way. So powerful: this purpose-driven entrepreneurial leadership is what business, charity and government need.

Carrie Deacon

Congratulations to the whole Impact Hub Birmingham team. A beacon as to what is possible, and how to live you values. Can’t wait to see what next.

Tatiana Glad
Co-founder Impact Hub Amsterdam

Congratulations on your journey and all the positive change the Impact Hub Birmingham community grew over the last years! May the seeds planted and valued relationships prosper for a long time to come 🙏🏻 #HubbeyondaHub

Nathaniel Adam Tobias C———

Congratulations on all you’ve achieved: you’ve made Brum better!

Dr Kate Hammer
Author / Coach

You’ve built something so special and brought it to a close with such grace. I am in awe.

Ian Sergeant
Director of Kalaboration CIC

Thanks for supporting me and many others on our respective journeys. It was always a pleasure to work with the Impact Hub Birmingham team #BestWishes

Lucie Stephens

Continually amazed by what you guys achieve. Know we’ll be seeing you and the impact of what you’ve started in all sorts of ways in future. But furious it’s so hard for such great people to make it happen. We all lose. Love and respect to you xx


Wow... Impact Hub Brum was really a taste of utopia. Going to miss it... wish I'd spent more time there but the time I did spend there was always evolutionary. THANK YOU.