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Beyond (un)employment – Session 4

Beyond (Un)employment Session 4 Projects We Love Session 4 on Wednesday 7th June saw the group head to East Birmingham for the first session away from Impact Hub Birmingham. It felt important to take this step and get out from… More

Beyond (un)employment – Session 3

Beyond (Un)employment Session 3 Pictures in Data For our third Beyond (un)employment learning session on Wednesday 24th May, the focus was on building up pictures using data, discovering and getting to grips with some of what the statistics are telling… More

Impact Hub Brum is 2

Following on from our springtime launch of the new Committee for Coffee and Change and Open House event series, we’re delighted to announce a jam- (and icing) packed day of activities celebrating two years since Impact Hub Birmingham opened its… More

Seeing Beyond Gender

Want to go a bit deeper into our upcoming events programme? Impact Hub Brum member Andrew Lightheart shares the real reason you should join UNMUTED and Fierce for an evening of electric performance poetry with critically acclaimed New York Artist… More

Hub Run Club

This Summer we are excited to launch the Hub Run Club, over the last year (often over a lot of cake), many people in the community have reached out and expressed their excitement to have some exercise happening in the… More

Beyond (un)employment – Session 2

Beyond (Un)employment Session 2 Sharing Stories & Learning to Listen Our second Beyond (un)employment session together took place on Wednesday 3rd May, and was designed as an exercise in learning through listening. To introduce the session, cohort member Andrew shared… More

A Spring Invitation

As we approach our second birthday and finish off the plans for the birthday party we wanted to launch a new Open House series and a new way to engage with Impact Hub Birmingham, The Committee for Coffee and Change.… More

Beyond (un)employment – Kick Off

Beyond (Un)employment Session 1 Setting The Scene With Some Big Questions To launch Beyond (un)employment here at Impact Hub Birmingham, our first session on Wednesday 19th April introduced us to the programme and each other as we explored the context… More

People + Passion = Politics: A Guide to Making Change

Politics isn’t sexy. It isn’t often described as ‘lit’ or ‘fire’, and we don’t share excitement for policies that affect the socio-economic climate like we rave about Kendrick Lamar’s new album ‘DAMN.’ (Not a plug, although it is rather good.)… More

Beyond (un)employment – The Journey So Far

As many of you know we are launching a new collaborative learning programme with Impact Hub and Robert Bosch Stiftung called beyond (un)employment, which you can find out more about and apply for here. At the end of March, we… More

OVERHEAR at Impact Hub

Those of you who came to our first ever Fuckup Night recently will have met Impact Hub Birmingham member Tom Peel. He was the bespectacled one graciously serenading us with his musical stylings, masterfully bridging the line between melancholy and… More

Future of Unemployment

The future of unemployment sounds like a grand concept, but is one we need to imagine. And if we are to discuss the future of unemployment we need to start by understanding a society based on employment. Firstly, we must… More