Since the opening of Impact Hub Birmingham we have always tried to offer great quality, kindness and helpfulness where we can. This feeds into how we connect with businesses in the city, meaning with local independent companies has always been high on our priority list. As the closing of the Hub is near, without further ado we want to thank and share the great organisations that provide our services, who we highly recommend for their great service.


Just Good Food are a Birmingham-based catering company who have been established for 25 years. They cater for corporate lunches, dinners, private parties and events. We have been using Just Good Food for over a year and they have been exceptional on every level: from their staff being efficient and pleasant to the catering being presented well. We have been really pleased with the quality and quantity of food Just Good Food supply for our events bookings.

Bakers Pantry
is a company that is close to our heart; owned by Kam, they have been part of our catering offer for nearly 3 years. Bakers Pantry are a pure vegetarian and vegan caterer, initially specialising in freshly baked eggless, vegan and gluten free cakes and desserts, Kam then introduced breakfast and lunch options for meetings and events. During the first years of Hub we realised more and more people wanted vegetarian lunches. It was a great time for us to connect with Bakers Pantry as they were a start up business based in Birmingham and we saw this as an opportunity for us to support their growth. Bakers Pantry caters for the majority of our bookings. We are continually receiving amazing feedback on the taste and presentation of their food. They have always offered us flexibility and understanding regarding bookings.


Danes Caribbean Catering is one of our newest caterers. Although we have only worked with them for a short period of time, we are so happy to have them on our roster. 

Their menu comprises of traditional Jamaican food with a few twists, all of which is prepared using the freshest of locally sourced ingredients. Their menu is full of flavour and those that have ordered from Danes Catering have been blown away. We appreciate Dane’s passion for cooking that he gained from his mother at an early age. Dane is professional, polite and very friendly.

Quarter Horse
supplies us our coffee and keeps us everyone caffeinated at the Hub. Located on Bristol road, Quarter Horse is an independent roaster and cafe. They source green beans from international suppliers, select beans based on quality and seasonality. There are very few coffee roasters in the country who roast in-house, within full view of their cafe. We use Quarter Horse coffee for all of our events bookings and as a hub member you get unlimited coffee as part of your membership.

Elite Services & Management Ltd
is our cleaning provider. They provide cleaning services for general domestic cleaning, pre/post tenancy cleaning, commercial cleaning, corporate/business cleaning and event cleaning. They are also a real living wage employer. Elites Services has been providing our cleaning services since we opened Impact Hub Birmingham 5 years ago. They have been professional, flexible and friendly whenever we have needed their services.

For further information and content related to the closure of Impact Hub Birmingham, please visit The Department for Closing Impact Hub Birmingham. The DFCIHB aims to make the closing of Impact Hub Birmingham much smoother than leaving the European Union, and will be updating further information and resources in the run up to closing.