As we settle into the next phase of our Best Year Ever campaign and start to put our Best Efforts forward, we wanted to let you all in on our plans for when Impact Hub Birmingham closes its doors. As a community we have so many exciting opportunities ahead and are looking forward to making them come to life, however we’ve decided as a team that there needs to be a period of time where each of us can focus on a project outside the world of systems approaches. You could say we’ve realised that in order to overcome wicked challenges we all need to acknowledge our interdependence by working apart from each other. You could also say that frankly, Immy Kaur plays the same 3 songs over and over again when we’re working on projects and it wears very thin over a period of years.

It’s obviously still early days, but we felt spring was a good time to talk about our exciting new beginnings that lie on the horizon. Some of us will still be working together in some capacity, whilst others will be going solo for a while. Think of this as our artistic differences period, before the big reunion tour. It seemed to work out pretty well for Busted recently, so fingers crossed for us too.

Here’s a little about what’s to come for each of us:

Reeve & Parvin will launch a fashion house specialising in blue jeans, white shirts and housing change.

Immy will be setting off on a cycling journey around the country to see the range of bodies of water and explore how this can inform future direction, to be known as the Kaur’s Lake Review.

Due to the unprecented internet popularity of her sporting superstar sons Anaadh & Jeeven who ate all their broccolis, Indi will now be managing their influencer careers full time with a Keeping Up with the Kaurdashians docu-drama also rumoured to be in the works.

Byng & Blyden are set to tour the 11C bus route as a saxophone duet, collating creative responses from passengers as they go to form a special participatory zine. Follow their progress at #BBBJam20.

Nikki will head to Miami to get some sun and tour the states in a street food truck with a new dessert she has pioneered call a Fudgajita, combining the creamy sweetness of fudge and the spicy heat of Mexican food.

Dan Zas will go beyond unemployment to launch Footski, a new microbrewery which fuses his passion for NFL and his Polish heritage.

Amy is launching the BABenheim, a new art gallery focused on younger audiences which includes great art pieces reinterpreted for children, including Munch’s The Scream-ing Tantrum, Emin’s New Parents Unmade House and Banksy’s Balloon Girl Who Didn’t Let Go.

Amahra will be heading to the Caribbean to research her next play, focused on the search for the perfect dumpling recipe.

Jordan is starting a campaign to be Wolverhampton’s Strongest Man, which will involve him having to hold the weight of The Black Country’s expectation on his shoulders. In the form of cheese cobs.


We’d love to hear what you’ll be free to get up to when Impact Hub Birmingham closes it’s doors. Leave a comment below, tweet us at @ImpactHubBrum using hashtag #BeyondBYE, or just think it in your noggin and enjoy how it feels. Mmmmm.

Until next time,
The Impact Hub Birmingham Team