O tight




nce upon a time there was a space, community and body of work known as Impact Hub Birmingham, that was preparing for its own imminent departure. In 12 months time the physical home of Mission Birmingham would close its doors for a final time, as an uncertain but exciting vision for the future took its place. Whilst lots of mystery lay ahead, there was one thing that was certain: There was still much to do. Much to prepare, lay out and aim for. Much to trial and test and experiment with. Many people to welcome, encourage, challenge and care for. Much to celebrate, remember, enjoy and give thanks for.


As we begin moving towards a compelling and ambitious next stage together, we want this final year in our current space to be the most exciting period of time in the hub story so far, living our values as richly and as generously as we can, and actively welcoming as many people to prototype new ideas, make new connections, and refresh or re-energise their personal missions and dreams for the city.

For that reason, we’re excited to be launching a Best Year Ever philosophy to be our noble steed across this ambiguous terrain.

This will be a communications piece, an ideology, a series of questions and prompts, and above all a bit of a creative adventure led by our Creative Resistance team, who aim to keep the mission vibrant and explore how to we can work together in new and exciting ways.

“Best Year Ever for me would mean that people are able to take bold moves towards manifesting their own noble intentions for the city in some way, shape or form and the rooting of this within a bigger picture for an added layer of purpose and meaning. So whether it’s to prototype and test an idea that you’ve had in mind for the longest while, or build a support system around something you’re already doing, it’s my intention to continue to hold spaces for this while testing some ideas throughout 2019 as we make this transition from Impact Hub Birmingham into the future.”

– Daniel Blyden

Best Year Ever Seasons Crop

As the year progresses towards our end of lease in December 2019, we will move through 3 different phrases of work and thinking — best intentions, best efforts and best wishes. This is a framework by which to navigate the year, and we look forward to exploring what these phrases mean in relation to our mission and yours, with Best Year Ever not exclusively reserved for a period jam packed with people, projects and programming. Perhaps your best year would be more about how many unexpected things happen, how deeply we look after ourselves and one another, or how we work as fearlessly and unapologetically towards our values as we possibly can.


“The notion of Best Year Ever came from thinking about how it will feel to walk into Impact Hub Birmingham across the next 12 months— particularly those who do so for the first time — as it will be a site of much change and transition. Some of the qualities that I’d love our final year to have are around generosity, kindness, clarity and composure, and a kind of surprising freshness. I’m interested in what this space hasn’t done or seen yet, what more artists and creative activity in the building would look like, who’d love space to make their ideas happen at Open Project Night and how I can personally trial some useful things around exhibition programming and the role of libraries.”

– Louise Byng

Mission-Mondays v2b
What would you love to see happen in the final year at Impact Hub Birmingham? How might your personal missions manifest here and benefit from resources like space, time and people? We’d love you to kickstart our first season of Best Year Ever — Best Intentions — at a Mission Mondays meeting together on Monday 3rd December, 5pm – 7pm.

Book your free place here to come along. Here we’ll be sharing ideas and intentions for the final year ahead together including a mission download from the team, next steps and opening up conversation around what you’re working on and would love to make happen in the next 12 months. This meet up is open to anyone, and will be followed by our #HubTalks – Decolonise Da Ting event at 7pm.

If you can’t attend Mission Mondays or want to connect with us beforehand, we have a form for you to drop ideas, questions, hopes and fears around Best Year Ever or anything else Creative Resistance related here.

Thanks for reading and B.Y.E,
Byng, Daniel & Nikki x