Since January we’ve been fortunate to have a group of graduates from Birmingham city university extend our fantastic team through an internship scheme. Bringing their diverse pool of skills and talents as well as their hopes and dreams for their careers, the Hub interns have significantly enhanced our community with their ideas, passions, and energy over their first three weeks with us. 

For their first week, we set them a one-week creative brief for them to use their own skills and talents to produce their own personal interpretation of Impact Hub Birmingham, it’s role in the city and what they could bring to mix to further enhance the mission. Each week we will be sharing their perspectives as well as the work our interns they have produced in their first week, 

This week we have Phoebe Robinson, graduate in Visual Communication and Illustration, sharing her interpretation of Impact Hub Birmingham.

I created illustrations inspired by

Hub’s brand and personality                     DSC07179_batch

When I was asked to produce my own personal interpretation of life at Impact Hub Birmingham, I considered the different roles and everyday life led by the staff and members at the Hub. This led me to think about what these creative individuals are passionate about, and how they interpret life at Impact Hub Birmingham.

To kick off my project, I looked back to some of the questions we asked each other in our induction, as they served our getting to know each other. I began to ask about interests and passions to really get to know how people see and use the Hub. I created a series of drawings and comic style sketches based on some interesting answers that I felt really portrayed the personality of the individual.

As much as I enjoyed getting to know my peers on a more personal level, it didn’t really reflect my interpretation of the Hub. For me, Impact Hub Birmingham is a really interesting and unique place, and it seemed to be all the quirky things and interesting objects that define and give it character. Through observing and documenting the Hub and it’s life, I created a series of fine-line illustrations inspired by my surroundings and the Impact Hub brand and personality. Since then, I’ve made further improvements and referred back to these illustrations continuously throughout projects.

I believe a space like Impact Hub is important for the city because not only does it give the people of Birmingham freedom to collaborate, network and work freely, but it helps gives back to the community through events, childcare, talks and projects – making Birmingham a better place.

Working at Impact Hub has given me an insight into using my skills in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team of change-makers and like minded creators, helping to grow the brand creatively. I’ve put my creative and communication skills to the test through working on live briefs with story telling leads, as well as using my own initiative; working independently to help further Impact Hub’s initiatives and missions. Through designing, developing and delivering effective illustrations and animations for campaigns, I am learning to produce high quality, innovative work to help develop new audiences and increase knowledge of Impact Hub Birmingham and it’s community.

I have found the role of the ‘Creative Content and Communications Producer’ plays a huge part in helping to expand the brand/company creatively and reach new audiences. The role has taught me how to use visual story telling and consistent content to communicate and increase a community of creatives and change-makers.











Amy McCranor

Amy McCranor

Hi! I'm Amy, a Fashion Design and Communication graduate from Birmingham City University. Talk to me about fashion, art, writing and veganism :)