Since January we’ve been fortunate to have a group of graduates from Birmingham city university extend our fantastic team through an internship scheme. Bringing their diverse pool of skills and talents as well as their hopes and dreams for their careers, the Hub interns have significantly enhanced our community with their ideas, passions, and energy over their first three weeks with us.

Read on as Hub Intern Mel O’Reilly shares her latest collaborative project outcome, inspired by LGBT History Month.

Being two creatives who share similar styles and outlooks, myself and Bella Jackson-Moss were told by hubbers to “take over the space a bit more”. Despite having lots of different small spaces to play with, we wanted to document and communicate some kind of current affair within the Hub that affects a lot of people in pride of place.

To mark the end of LGBT History Month, myself and fellow intern Bella created a projection-based installation displaying and celebrating LGBTQ+ activists from around the world.

Being an intern here has allowed me to develop skills that I had previously neglected throughout my time at university. During the development stage of the piece, I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and enter the previously unknown world of photo editing. By sourcing images of famous LGBTQ+ people and overlaying them with their home flag, I was able to communicate this year’s theme of ‘geography’, as well as exhibiting the wide range of activists present in the world today.

Working with Bella, an animator and sculptor, we decided to create an ‘abstract map’ using triangles. Triangles are a significant symbol in the LGBTQ+ community and also allowed us to morph and experiment with the way we created Earth. Using the same 9 triangles to form all the continents/areas of the globe, we were able to create unity and fluidity in concept and design.

Following the experimental phase of positioning the exhibit in the hub, we settled on projecting the finished animation onto the roof of one of the booths – as well as being a practical surface for the projection itself, it was a way of impacting on the Hub in a small creative way and drawing people in to notice the small details of the Hub itself.

As a way of advertising Impact Hub Birmingham externally, I am currently in conversation with BCU about displaying Gayography somewhere at the university. As well as advertising, it can communicate to students that if they have an interest in collaboration and networking whilst creating thought-provoking work – the Hub is the place for them!

For more information on the people featured in this installation, click here: Gayography-Our-LGBT-World-Database

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Instagram: @bellzubub

Reuben Trabocco