Impact Hub Birmingham: Parent Membership Update

Since the official launch of the Impact Hub Brum’s Parent Membership at the beginning of the year, a lot has transpired. A culmination of hard work and creative application, alongside supportive and engaged networks, has lead to insightful discoveries and new practises. We teamed up with Juste4Kids, supported by magical Hub Playworker Wizards to deliver our very own in-house crèche. It’s been fun, exciting, challenging and a bit scary at times. It has felt like a significant turning point in the way we define, build and support our community.

Not having an exact prototype to build from and no one expert to turn to has meant that we have had to ask a lot of questions, do a lot of problem solving and actively broaden our skills set and our minds. Although we are still very much in the infancy of researching childcare provisions in the workplace and alternative childcare on a broader scale, we are learning every week from our much loved and valued parent and child members. Watching them all settle in, grow and flourish has and will continue to drive us all to deliver optimal and holistic childcare provisions and working space.

It’s hard for us all to imagine what it was like here before the Parent Membership was introduced, because it’s completely shifted our perspectives and values of a shared space for all. Our community is growing and diversifying on so many multiple levels and we look forward to welcoming more people onboard.

Our Parent Membership is a similar offer to that of our Mission Birmingham membership with 2 days access to the Impact Hub Birmingham space per month and an additional 12 hours of childcare per month, which is provided every Thursday 10am – 1pm through our crèche.

At present we currently have 11 parent + child members, some of whom were previously acquainted with Impact Hub Brum and others who have very recently joined our community. Despite their commonality, they are an eclectic group of people with a vast range of ambitions and just like any other members they each bring their individual energy, skills values and passions unapologetically to the space. Too often we see parents in our communities struggling to harmonise their basic needs due to lack of accessible provisions in the private and public sector. Not only is this a disservice to parents and their children but actually on a much larger scale we hinder our ability to unleash our maximum socioeconomic potential as a whole society. We spend too much time trying to fix a chaotic fractured society whilst ignoring the struggling and broken individuals. Surely this is not rocket science, but merely common sense and fundamental empathy.

Here at Hub we don’t follow suit because we don’t want our parent / guardian members to feel stifled and or conflicted by work and childcare, we should be able to provide both in a way that is affordable, accessible, flexible and of high a quality; we recognise that this is not a luxury but a necessity. For us it is not just a parent / guardian issue but a people issue; a Hub issue which affects us all and needs to be solved by us all.

Hear from one of our parent members below, and find out what’s coming up in the #RadicalChildcare space including our summer workshops:

Impact Hub Birmingham’s Parent Membership is a moment of headspace in a crowded week. It’s time to sit and gather my thoughts, drink a good hot coffee and write a list, then get some stuff ticked off the list… in daylight hours, in the light that streams into the co-working space through the beautiful windows, without the interruptions of a fractious three year old or cries through the baby monitor. I’m confident that baby Minnie is in caring hands at the crèche, learning how to interact with carers and her peers in a safe and happy environment. It has set her up well for my return to work and helped her confidence to grow in preparation for going into longer spells in childcare when I return to work, probably in September. It has also made it possible for me to direct Developed in Birmingham ( and produce an exhibition of my work, A White House on Paradise Street at BOM (– Jo Gane, Parent Member

mini activists web header

If you are looking for some thought provoking, creative, family fun summer activities, be sure to check out our Mini-Activist series of workshops over the summer. Each workshop is suitable for different age groups and in some cases we will be inviting family members to come and join in. We have also created special limited summer crèche day passes to open up use of co-working and our morning crèche facility on these workshop days.

Find out more at and join the movement at #RadicalChildcare on twitter or our newly-created facebook group.

For more insights into our Parent Membership follow @ihbcreche on instagram and the Hub Crèche Newletters.