As we approach our second birthday and finish off the plans for the birthday party we wanted to launch a new Open House series and a new way to engage with Impact Hub Birmingham, The Committee for Coffee and Change.

Open House

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Open House is an open invitation to anyone wishing to spend a day working within and connecting with the Impact Hub Birmingham community. It’s a great way to experience the evolving community and working environment of our space in the Walker Building, with a chance to talk to some of our members that call Impact Hub Birmingham home.

Your free day pass includes super fast WiFi, unlimited drinks from our on-site café, and community events such as Pot Luck Lunch on Wednesdays, Co-Creche and Food for Thought on Thursdays.

We look forward to welcoming you to Impact Hub Birmingham on:

Wednesday 17th May

Thursday 25th May

Thursday 8th June

Wednesday 21st June

Space is limited and registration required. Book your place now at


Members: please feel free to share this booking link with those doing great work that you would love to see at the hub, or anyone you think would benefit from a day within the community to find out what it’s all about.


The Committee for Coffee and Change

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As a movement that was born out of caffeinated conversations in a small coffee shop in Birmingham, we wanted to explore how to capture this ethos and provide a person to person level of conversation and engagement; to keep more people updated on members journeys and project developments, and gain the extra context you don’t get in a newsletter.

Coffee has always been an important part of our history and our offering. Coffee Houses historically played an integral role during the enlightenment era for Birmingham, offering spaces for people from a broad range of skill sets and backgrounds to meet, debate and inspire. After researching the vibrant and influential history of coffee shops as theatres of innovation since the Georgian era, we thought about how we could harness this ethos and approach for our own 21st Century city-wide enlightenment.

Reflecting more deeply on how this had grown, the history of the city, the inspirational history of coffee shops across the city, and the ways in which technology/design and citizens were bringing heritage back to the many, led us to the notion of starting The Committee for Coffee and Change: a deliberately grandiose title and ambitious focus for the often simple task of having a chat over a brew.

We have come to realise that there is an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn in this city. Collectively, we have developed from learning more about the history and talent of Birmingham, the role of coffee shops and the change brought about by these interactions. How can we ensure a city with the youngest and most diverse population can be inspired and learn from its pioneering history? How can we create spaces and turn our coffee shop into a hub of new ideas, sharing, exchange and innovation? How can the manufacturing history of the city seek to inspire and shape a new era of mass innovation and open making, to create a better Birmingham? We want to use research, passion, curiosity, technology, and young citizen led activity to bring innovation to life, through learning and sharing the city’s heritage. And we want you to be part of it.

We’re launching The Committee for Coffee and Change to create the space for people to join a loose collective of citizens rooted in Impact Hub Birmingham with access to our world-class coffee and change makers. Membership includes unlimited drop-in coffee shop pass during opening hours, regularly hosted sessions, access to our digital community and invites to our broad programme of events, as well as a special day pass rate, all for just £15 per month.

If you want a human, caffeine-powered connection into our community, are curious about our city and believe we can collectively make a difference then join The Committee for Coffee and Change and help to build a better city, together. Sign up to join here.

2nd Birthday Celebration

Save the date for our 2nd Birthday Celebration taking place on the evening of Thursday 8th June. Further details will be announced soon.