How Can The Hub Better Support Entrepreneurs?
Intro to a research project with the University of Birmingham

Social entrepreneurship is something Impact Hub Birmingham is passionate about and a ‘field’ we are very focused on helping to grow. Many of our excellent members are engaged directly in supporting and developing social entrepreneurs for the future, as well as buying their products and promoting their brands. It’s fair to say that social enterprise (or business done right depending on your outlook) is something which Impact Hub Birmingham, a CIC itself, considers part of its ethos.

“Hubs act as innovation labs, business incubators and community centres, and offer a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities. However, there has been very little academic research into their contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship.” – Andy Newnham, Business Engagement Partner at University of Birmingham

To better understand what we do, don’t do and could do around (social) entrepreneurship we have teamed up with the University of Birmingham – a growing partner of Impact Hub Birmingham should anybody want to be introduced to them – to explore the case of Impact Hub Birmingham and understand how we can create more opportunities for social entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs can make use of such opportunities.

Over the next few months Dr Vivek Soundararajan, Research Fellow in Management at the University of Birmingham Business School, is going to be in and around the space a lot with the goal of talking with as many members as possible (even / especially those who consider themselves unaffiliated with social entrepreneurship) to get an insight into the above line of enquiry. The results of the research will be used to help us improve and develop the community at Impact Hub Birmingham so it can best support members and our broader city-focused Mission Birmingham.

In order to help the community get the most out of this UoB research it would be greatly appreciated if Hub members interested in supporting this could get in contact directly with me (

To find out a bit more about the project check out UoB’s article, Spaces that Create Sustainable Entrepreneurs.