The Smithfield Masterplan will be one of the key redevelopments for the city and has the opportunity to become a gateway to the south of the city centre and open up Digbeth to more people, businesses and housing.

As the city is facing a number of different masterplans there is an opportunity for Birmingham to not be a victim of the standard gentrification and corporate takeover, but instead an active co-producer of its future development. Smithfield presents an opportunity to not only dream how this could work, but also have a direct impact on the shape of the city.

The current masterplan is in consultation stage at present and at Open Project Night on Monday 16th May (6.30pm) we will be running an interactive Inquiry for everyone to engage with. Along with representatives from Birmingham City Council and local architects we would like to invite you to come down to add your dreams, views and passions to help shape Smithfield into a redevelopment for all.

During this process we will focus, on three key questions.

What would you like to see in the Smithfield Redevelopment?

What should the Smithfield site be used for during this long term development?

How should the story of the redevelopment be told?


We want to see this as the start of a series of events and provocations which will explore the fine line between successful redevelopment and gentrification. Citizens voices will be essential for this to happen as well as creating a safe space for constructive criticism, purposeful conversations and active debate to positively influence the redevelopment of our city.

For more information on the Birmingham Smithfield proposal click here.