Impact Hub Birmingham Presents: The Intergalactic Cereal Cafe with Cats

Greetings earthlings, and a happy April to you. It’s a really exciting month here at Impact Hub Birmingham, and our April Newsletter is, thus, brimming over with things to get involved with, including our freshly launched Open House days where you can register for a free pass to spend a day exploring the hub this spring. Check out what else the month holds here, including updates on #RadicalChildcare, Birmingham SOUP and TEDxBrum.

In other news, we’ve also been sitting on a big idea for a new venture which we think will bring a unique offer to the urban wonderland that we call home: Digbeth. Orbiting around Impact Hub Birmingham’s existing offer as a place to get top notch artisan coffee, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening an Intergalactic Cereal Cafe, serving rare ‘out of this world’ breakfast options, hand selected across both time and space. In order to create global impact, we first need to get a good breakfast; one that reconnects us with our inner child and brings with it a sense of home and belonging, but also gives us the capacity to dream bigger than ourselves, our city and even our planet. For this reason, we can’t think of a better way to fuel the future changemakers, urban cyclists and bearded musicians of Birmingham than with a supermassive array of intergalactic morsels.

As an added attractor, there will also be cats. Cats everywhere. This builds into a sustainable model for the cafe as cats will lap up any leftover milk from our cereal servings, minimising waste. And picture this: turning around on one of our swivel chairs to reveal a white cat on your lap could really add gravitas to those all important meetings, or simply a familiar to take a cat nap with when you crash after consuming too much coffee.

We hope you will share in our excitement for this fresh addition to the great city of Birmingham, but as always we want to share in and build this vision together. Tweet us at @ImpactHubBrum or e-mail with your ideas and feedback.

In the mean time, live long and prosper.