Designing, prototyping and hosting community of practice’s in Systems Change, Urban Innovation, Institutional Innovation and Social Justice.

One of the main things we have learnt as a team and community who have worked on a variety of ideas, projects and ventures over the last ten years is that learning, building and growing together is often more important than the initial idea. It is a key strategic ambition of the hub to ensure that we build rich learning environments to enable city wide collective intelligence around the massive societal challenges we face.

No one should every really stop learning, education is not something just for students instead it is a cornerstone for anyone to lead a happy, fulfilling and successful life. At Impact Hub Birmingham one of our key interests has always been about learning together, and convening an ambitious, courageous and hopeful community to enable this in a broad range of ideas and spreading that learning as far and wide as possible. 

We believe we need Communities of Practice, guilds of the 21st Century in order to continuously exercise collective leadership, exchange of insights, undertake prototypes, develop the field, hosting research, design, development, prototyping, and proof points in the field.

A community of practice of this kind would typically exercise stewardship, exchange, and leadership over this field and pursue ideas, initiatives or goals for a period of time. It is envisioned that it be comprised of a diverse group of practitioners from all sectors and issue areas. It would be made up of individuals from around the city across sectors in the first instance, as we look to continue to learn from around the world and from a variety of contexts. These are innovators who have a keen interest in this opportunity and have stepped up to build up, care for, advise, guide, create opportunities, contribute and offer field-building support. The group as a whole could also potentially catalyse and champion the field across the UK and world more long term.

If you have read our Mission Roadmap will see that we are going to be spending the next year researching and building stronger more engaged communities around the topics of Systems Change, Urban Innovation, Institutional Innovation and Social Justice. And just as the Impact Hub Birmingham community was born out of the support of many people we want to make sure that this research and learning is shared and open to many more people too. These are quite large top level topics which we will break down into smaller learning communities. An example we have already started to build is our #RadicalChildcare learning community.

Communities of Practice activity will be drawing together experts, practitioners and absolutely anyone else who is interested in the topic / ideas / solutions at hand. To kick off this process we are creating an open design / ideas workshop to anyone interested in this to help co – design and shape what CoP’s should involve, how we finance and fund them and what their long term ambition should be. As with everything we do, nothing is set it stone, these are just some ideas that we would like to build upon.

If you are interested in being involved in our first co-design session come along on Monday February 1st February 2016 from 11.30 after Talk of the Town. Please bring your thoughts, ideas, examples of good practice or simply great company and join us. You can book tickets here.