What is Impact Hub Birmingham?

We believe those that are willing to dream, dare and have a heart for a better Birmingham need a place where they can realise these dreams.

A place to collaborate and discuss, challenge and be challenged, provoke and be provoked; a place where paradox and contradictions can cohabit with ease. A platform where they can meet like minded creators and disruptors and where they can continually challenge themselves and others. Innovating around solving systemic challenges in our city and beyond. This place is Impact Hub Birmingham and it is many things all at the same time.

We want to empower a collective movement to bring about change in our city, embracing a diverse range of people and organisations with a whole host of experiences and skills.

Invest in this movement by joining as a member, hosting events, sponsoring programmes or simply convening a whole new conversation around your view of change.

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Collaborative Work
& Event Space

Impact Hub Birmingham is powered by a 6000 sq. ft collaborative work and event space. A flexible place where you can locate your work, host your missions and share your ideas.

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Community of Changemakers

Impact Hub Birmingham is a network and talent pool of amazing citizens, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists and dreamers committed to building a better Birmingham and a better world.

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System Change

In collaboration with Dark Matter Laboratories we are exploring, researching and prototyping place based system change initiatives to tackle wicked challenges.



Make Magic in 2018

As we prepare to turn off all the lights and close the Impact Hub Birmingham doors for the final time this year, our heads and hearts are already excited for all what’s to come in our growing community in 2018.…


On Monday we started a new ritual at Impact Hub Birmingham, one to get everyone thinking about self care and creating a space for people to share their own challenges as well as techniques used to find peace. Traditional visions…

Upcoming Events

  1. Open Project Night

    Every Monday at Impact Hub Birmingham is Open Project Night,…

  2. Trade School Digbeth: Personal Safety

    This session with Alison Baskerville of ROAR will teach you…

  3. Food For Thought with The Clean Kilo

    “I have some food in my bag for you

  4. Boarders Without Borders – documentary screening

    Join Impact Hub Birmingham members Girl Dreamer for the screening…

  5. Open Project Night

    Every Monday at Impact Hub Birmingham is Open Project Night,…