Impact Hub Birmingham

We are on a mission to help build a fairer, more equal and just city through people, place and open movements.

We are actively trying to shift the paradigm of how change happens, and every day we work to create a sustainable business model that is systematically aligned to our mission.

We are many things all at the same time, just like the city we call home.

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We are a global network of purpose-driven citizens, entrepreneurs, activists, makers, dreamers and doers who care about and believe in a fair, more equal and just Birmingham. People make the place.

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We have collectively crafted a 6000 sq. ft collaborative multi-purpose space - physical and social habitat designed to make it easier to do the work that matters to you. Locate your projects, host an event, and much more.

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Open Movements 

We know there is no single solution to complex social issues and so work to grow collective movements to shift outcomes together. We create platforms for you to grow your missions, and shine a light on work we love.




Play Out ‘Til Tea

“Play will be to the 21st century what work was to the industrial age — our dominant way of knowing, doing & creating value.” — PAT KANE At a fundamental level, PLAY has been central to so much of the… More

From Impact Hub Birmingham to CIVIC SQUARE

CIVIC adj. about the city; relating to municipal administration; the duties or activities of people in relation to their place. SQUARE n. a large open area traditionally found at the heart of a town; used for community gatherings; a place… More

Upcoming Events

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